Eat Right For Sickle Cell – A Cookbook to Help Kids Catch Up

sickle cell disease cookbookRyan is 9 years old and is 3 inches shorter than every other kid in his class… even the girls.  For him, dealing with sickle cell disease isn’t just about being tired; it’s not about the pain.  What he really hates about sickle cell disease is that he’s smaller than his friends.

According to the experts at Nemours Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, kids who deal with sickle cell disease can often catch up to their friends and classmates.  What is the key?  Plain and simple, it’s proper nutrition. With that goal in mind, Nemours has published a 40-page cookbook designed especially for children with sickle cell disease called “Eating Well With Sickle Cell.”  The focus is on high-energy, high-nutrition foods that children will gladly eat.

The introduction to the cookbook has excellent information on the following topics:

  • Nutrition and Sickle Cell Disease:  We’re shown the importance of high-calorie foods for children with sickle cell disease, how proper fluid intake can mean less pain, and whether vitamin supplements matter.
  • Folic Acid Basics:  How can folic acid improve the life of a sickle cell patient, and what foods are great sources of this important nutrient?
  • Easy Ways to Increase Calories:  We learn how often our young patient should be eating, how to sneak in added calories in healthy ways, and whether supplement drinks are a good idea.
  • How to Cut Down the Cost of Food:  We’re not just talking coupons!  Discover real tricks to make your food budget stretch.  It takes a little more planning, but the ideas here are highly useful.

In the pages that follow, you’ll find easy-to-prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas; along with vibrant pictures and simple directions.

Don’t wait – download the free cookbook now.  We’re excited to see our families here in Philadelphia make great food choices for their little ones.  Remember, we’re here for you if  you need supplements, nutritional drinks, and help with prescription questions.


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