HIV Patients: Don’t Skip a Dose!

Don't skip a dose - medication remindersFor those affected by HIV/AIDS, it can be a challenge to stick strictly to the medication schedule your healthcare provider has laid out for you.  Simply remembering the medication regimen may be a big challenge.  Perhaps you aren’t feeling well enough to get up and take your medication.  It may be that the side effects are not pleasant and you don’t want to deal with them.

Sticking completely to a medication schedule is called “treatment adherence”.  Brian’s Pharmacies cares very much about treatment adherence, especially for our HIV/AIDS patients.  Do you wonder why is treatment adherence so important for those who have been diagnosed with HIV?  Let’s talk about three reasons, though there are likely many more.

More Effective HIV Drugs

If you strictly stick to the medication plan, your HIV medications will work more effectively in decreasing your viral load.  This means you are likely to feel much better and live a healthier life.

Halts Reproduction

If you skip even ONE dose, it gives the virus a chance to reproduce, which means there is more HIV in your body.

Reduces Drug Resistance

What happens if you skip a dose?  The helpful site explains in clear terms the threat to your health:  “When you skip doses, you may develop strains of HIV that are resistant to the medications you are currently taking – and possibly even to medications you haven’t taken yet.  If this happens it could leave you with fewer treatment options. ”  We can probably all agree that having more treatment options is a very, very good thing.

It is vital to take every dose, every time, at the right time.  To remind yourself, you can use written reminders and calendar pill boxes, but these methods leave tremendous room for error.  Brian’s Pharmacies offers our valued customers an automated reminder service that is completely free.  My Dose Alert is available to help you remember.  It sends an automated message to your mobile device when it is time to take medication.

No matter the health condition, we encourage all our customers to make use of the My Dose Alert service if they can benefit.

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