Make Your Fitness Goals Work!

make your fitness goals workHere at Brian’s Pharmacies, you can pick up over-the-counter medications, prescriptions, and other medical supplies.  We’re more than just a store though; we’re want great health for our customers!  Many of you have set fitness goals for the new year, and we’re excited for you!  We’re halfway into January now, and quite a few of us have hit a speed bump or two.  Is it time to give up?  No!  We’re here to share with you some great advice from Georgia Janos, a certified personal trainer and regional group exercise director at Boston Sports Club.  Here are some great tips to make your new fitness goals work this year… and every year.

Set Realistic Weekly Goals

Don’t focus so much on the weight you’re going to lose; make smaller goals that are attainable.  Need some ideas?  Plan to exercise for 20 minutes every day.  Eat five servings of vegetables daily.  Eliminate trans fats and soda from your diet.  Set goals that fit your health needs, and see them through.

Schedule Workouts

For consistency in workouts, the right mindset can be very helpful.  Set “exercise appointments” for yourself, and stick to them as you would a doctor’s appointment.  Make note of when you made it to your exercise appointment, and when you missed it.  This will keep you accountable and motivated.

Find a Partner

For many people, having a friend to work out with is a big motivator.  Set goals together that you have in common, whether it’s healthy eating, taking supplements, exercise, or drinking water.  If a friend or family member isn’t readily available for you, check out online forums at Spark People and My Fitness Pal.  Both of these sites are free to create an account, and feature apps for your mobile phone.

Evaluate Your Progress

If your goal is to lose weight, it’s important to weigh yourself at intervals.  Make a chart or use a calendar to note your progress (or lack of progress) and see what needs to change.

Add Variety to Your Routine

If workouts are boring you, it’s time to shake things up a bit.  Are you walking on a treadmill for exercise?  Try adding weights, changing your soundtrack, or ditching the treadmill altogether and try a kickboxing video.  Walk in a nearby park or join a class to keep things interesting and keep yourself engaged.

Avoid Self-Sabotage

Just because you’re exercising on a regular basis does not mean you can have two doughnuts and a can of Pepsi.  Your hard work will be worth nothing if you don’t eat sensibly as well.

Commit to the Lifestyle Change

If you slip up (and we all do), get right back to it.  Remind yourself that these better choices are permanent, and they’ll lead to a healthier you and a longer life.

Whatever your health goals are for the new year, remember Brian’s Pharmacies is here to help you.  We truly care about your health and want to see you meet your goals.

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