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Your medicines do not work unless you remember to take them as directed by your doctor. Unfortunately, many people taking chronic medications skip some days or may forget to refill their medications on a timely manner.

How We Do It:

  • The use of A-Tweets daily reminders delivered via ® and cell phone.
  • This is an interactive means to help improve adherence and patient engagement in you treatment.
  • This is also a way to report possible efficacy and safety concerns that you might have.

If you want to enroll in the A-Tweets daily reminders, please click here.


  • We offer free delivery within the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.
  • If you request delivery for a new prescription please click here or for a refilled prescription please click here.


  • We want you to have an active role in your healthcare.
  • Communication with Brian’s Pharmacies can keep you informed on new health trends and help you get the answers you need to you health concerns.
  • Our A-TweetsSM daily reminders is one way to stay engaged in you care
  • Reach us by phone, email, Facebook® or Twitter®.

Broad & Lehigh Pharmacy

T: 215-228-9007
F: 215-228-9099

Broad & Grange Pharmacy

T: 215-424-6611
F: 215-424-6927

Patient Counseling:

  • All patients are offered counseling by our pharmacists in person or by telephone.
  • This can be offered in English, Spanish, French and Hatian Creole.


  • Working with your doctor, we can recommend tools that can help monitor you progress in behavioral health and diabetes.
  • Our working relationship with Behavioral Health Laboratories has enabled mental health and primary care physicians access to WellnessCheck.net™ help diagnosis and monitor progress in a wide range of behavioral health conditions.

Efficacy and Safety:

  • Adherence and Engagement are the front lines in improving your care and treatment.
  • We want our customers to have the best results possible from their medicines and want to know if there are side effects that should be reported to your doctor.