My Dose Alerts

Brian’s Pharmacies Offers My Dose Alert

The Right Medication At The Right Time:
Whether for you, or for a forgetful loved one, My Dose Alert™ will instantly remind you when it’s time to take your medication. Medication, time of day, mode of communication…all customized.

Something For Everyone:
Choose to receive your reminders by phone call, text message, or email–your choice! You can even sign up to receive monthly informative e-newsletters related to the medications you take.

How It Works:
Ask your pharmacist about My Dose Alert. If your pharmacy has the system, they can set up you or your loved one with My Dose Alert on the spot.

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Patient Enrollment Acknowledgement
I agree to my voluntary enrollment into the B&L Pharmacy Services, A-Tweet™ adherence program. I agree to participate in the use of Twitter™ to receive reminder text messages and emails from B&L Pharmacy Services to help aid in the adherence to my medications. I understand that no system is fool proof and that I am ultimately responsible to follow my physician’s instructions and to take my medications as directed by my prescriptions. I agree to hold harmless B&L Pharmacy Services and their employees for any technical issues arising from the use of the A-Tweet™ Adherence program and Twitter™.

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