Need to Quit? How to Improve Your Chances of Success

A Great Trick to Quit Smoking for GoodHave you tried to quit smoking and have not had success?  You’re not alone.  At Brian’s Pharmacy, we see people every day who are trying to kick the cigarette habit, and we’re so happy that they’re setting healthy goals for the future.  But quitting can be very hard!

We want to see you succeed.  We’re happy to share some exciting research to help our valued neighbors in their fight to put down the tobacco for good.

A Secret to Success

According to this new research, combining the nicotine patch with the prescription medication varenicline (known by the brand name Chantix) is more effective than using varenicline by itself.  The study found that those who received nicotine patches and varenicline were more likely to not smoke for up to six months.

How Does Varenicline Work?

Varenicline is a medication that blocks the addictive (yet pleasant) effects of nicotine from reaching the brain.  The study’s author, professor Coenraad Koegelenberg, says that varenicline was chosen in the study over other smoking cessation drugs because it is ‘the most effective prescription medicine for quitting smoking.’

How Was the Study Conducted?

Researchers assigned the 446 participants a random ‘prescription’ to quit:  either a nicotine patch and varenicline or a placebo patch and varenicline.  All participants took their treatments for 12 weeks, then researchers checked in at 24 weeks and six months.  Surprisingly, 65.1% of the varenicline and patch group were successful after six months, compared with 46.7% in the placebo group.  Significant results!

Koegelenberg said future research could focus on other forms of nicotine replacement therapy like gum or lozenges.  Minor side effects were reported, such as nausea, sleep disturbance, skin reactions, constipation and depression.

Surely, it’s worth the hard work and perseverence it takes to quit the unhealthy habit of smoking.  Have you had success in quitting?  What worked in your particular case?  We would love to hear your success story.  Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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