Secrets for More Energy Every Day

How to be a morning person! Easy ways to have more energy.Even if you’re sleeping fairly well, and can get out of bed without much of an internal fight, do you find yourself dragging throughout the day? Would you like to know some simple ways you can have more energy throughout the morning? We’re here to help.

Helping You Help Yourself

On a very practical level, you can make mornings easier by preparing the day ahead. Small decisions can be made the evening before. What will you have for lunch? What will you wear? Does the trash need to be taken out? Do you need to make a grocery list? If you streamline your morning with a little forethought the night before, you may find the advance preparation has a ripple effect, making other tasks easier than you could imagine.

Get a Jump on Productivity

Once you stop slapping that snooze button again and again, you will likely find yourself with a few extra minutes each day. Why not use that time to pursue something that inspires you and makes you happy? Try a little time for meditation, crafting, or writing. A boost of joy and satisfaction first thing in the morning can set a great tone for your day.

Eat For More Energy!

If you want to make a vast improvement in the way you think and feel, an important step is to change the way you eat. The first food that goes into your body for the day can make or break your energy levels, your attitude, and your emotions. Experts recommend a breakfast rich in nutrients and protein and low in sugar. What’s out? Prepared cereals, jam on white bread, doughnuts and boxed granola bars. What’s in? Scrambled eggs with veggies, green smoothies with protein, and lean meat and veggie roll-ups in a whole grain wrap.

Supplements for an Extra Boost

Some people have experienced an extra energy boost by taking supplements. Before starting any supplement program, check with your doctor to make sure there are no other health concerns, as well as your pharmacist to ensure there are no medication conflicts.

Supplements like CoQ10, carnitine, and B vitamins may help some have more energy throughout the day. Experts say that those who are most likely to benefit from supplementation are people who have deficiencies in these areas. David Leopold, MD, director of Integrative Medical Education at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, says that “deficiency is much more common than we think.” People who take regular doses of acid blockers, anti-inflammatory medications, or antibiotics are likely to have deficiencies.

If you and your medical care team decide that supplementation is a good idea, remember to follow the dosage instructions carefully. When taking supplements, more is not better… the correct dosage is best.

If you have questions about a vitamin regimen for more energy, we would be happy to talk to you about your questions and concerns.

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