No Excuses! 5 Home Exercises on the Cheap

Try these 5 cheap workouts at home.Exercise is good for you.  Nobody is going to argue that fact.  But for many of us in urban areas, getting the exercise we need can be a big challenge.

In America, when we say “workout”, we think of the gym.  But for a lot of us in the Philadelphia area, a gym membership is too expensive.  Maybe you could swing the gym membership, but if you did go to workout, you would have no one to watch the kids.  For some, walking or jogging outside, which is not expensive, won’t be an option because:

  • They have allergies to outside elements.
  • They feel their neighborhoods are not safe places to exercise.
  • They don’t like being “on display” to the public when they work out.

Despite all these obstacles, you can still get a great workout.  Today we’re going to share with you 5 ideas you can try to get a great workout in the privacy and safety of your own home.

1.  Try a kettlebell.  Depending on your strength, you can start with a 5 to 15 pound size.  Kettlebells are easy to find, and usually under $20.

2.  Give a calisthenics workout a try.  This workout is designed for those stuck inside and have zero cash to burn.

3.  Pilates may be a great option.  This workout is great for those who have downstairs neighbors.  No impact means no noise.

4.  Harder than it looks, and a lot more fun:  twirling a hula-hoop is a great workout.  You can pick a fitness hoop up at any big-box store.  There are even sites that show you how to make your own.

5.  A ballet-infused workout may be just what you need. This one requires inexpensive and easy-to-find fitness bands.

Study after study shows that exercise can be as effective as medications in lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, easing symptoms of depression, preventing heart disease and stroke.  Is it a conflict of interest for us to recommend exercise then?  Absolutely not!  We want the best for our neighbors, and will gladly see our customers stop in less for drugs and come in more for their other health needs.

So if you haven’t made it part of your routine, give regular exercise a try.  No matter your budget or lifestyle, there’s a way to make it happen.

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