How Well Do You Know Your Drug Facts?

Understanding what the Drug Facts Label meansWhen you pick up the latest over-the-counter medication your family needs, do you take the time to examine the Drug Facts label on the back, or do you simply grab the bottle and go?  The National Council of Patient Information and Education wants each consumer to know exactly what he or she is taking, and at Brian’s Pharmacies, so do we.

Today we’re going to break down each section of the Drug Facts label and show you how helpful and informative it can be.  You’ll quickly find that consulting these labels each time you decide on a medication can not only be helpful, but it can save your life.

Active Ingredient:  If you want to know the name of the chemical compound that makes your symptoms go away, check this section of the Drug Facts label.  The scientific name will be listed along with the amount in each dose.  The active ingredient is always be listed first on the label.

Uses:  If you want to know what the medicine can treat, check the Uses section.  The Uses section will tell you the only symptoms that the medicine is approved by the FDA to treat.  This is a great resource for those that may “hear” that the medication is good for a particular purpose, but want to be sure it is considered effective and safe.

Warnings:  If you want to know about medications, food, or situations to avoid while taking the medication, consult the Warnings section.

Directions: Specifics are vital when taking medication.  Be sure to examine not just the amount to take, but how often the medication should be taken.  Follow the dosage directions to the letter.

Other Information:  Want to know to properly store the medication?  Temperature and environment, as well as any other miscellaneous information will be contained in the Other Information section.

Inactive Ingredients:  Important especially for those with allergies, the Inactive Ingredients section will detail any other ingredient that is contained in the medication, but has no general effect on the body.

We at Brian’s Pharmacies know what a difference it makes when medication instructions are followed carefully.  Allergic reactions, overdose, and drug interactions can be avoided if careful thought is given to the Drug Facts label. The next time you have picked up an over-the-counter medication, be sure to examine the label thoroughly.  It means the safety and good health of both yourself and your family.


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