Five Tips to Wake Up Easier

Avoid Snoozing your day away... 5 tips to wake up right!Last week we talked about several ways to have a better night of sleep. Now that we’re empowered to do that, how can we avoid that dreaded snooze-button cycle? Today we’re going to share with you five tips for making that hardest first step a little easier.

Start with the right motive. It can make all the difference in the world if you lay out in your mind a tangible reason for wanting to get up early. Maybe you want to carve out time for a bit of excercise. Perhaps you have a personal goal or project to work on. Or maybe a little extra time in the morning would help things go a whole lot more smoothly in getting the kids off to school.

Whatever the reason, think about it before you head to bed, and let that be your first thought when you wake. That simple motivation may be all that’s needed to get your feet to hit the floor at the right time.

Just make it happen. It’s all too easy to lounge comfortably in the warmth of two blankets on a winter morning. Even if we wake on time, maybe we look at the clock and see we could rest for a few more minutes.  But according to Dr. Nathaniel Watson of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, going back to sleep could throw things off. When we wake spontaneously, we’re often in a light sleep stage. If we close our eyes and go back to sleep, we’re quite likely to enter a deep sleep stage – one that will be jarring to awake from in a few minutes when our alarm goes off, leaving us disoriented and grouchy for some time. We all know that disoriented and grouchy is not a great way to start the day.

Find the right alarm. Gone are the days that our only option is the wind-up clock with two bells that ding furiously at the appointed time. Try experimenting with sound, timing, and place of your clock. Some alarms can wake you gradually with birdsong or musical instruments. Others wake you with increasing light. Some people do indeed need a loud obnoxious alarm to wake them – they even place the alarm on the other side of the room to ensure they actually get out of bed to turn it off! Whatever it takes, you’re almost certain to find an alarm that can wake you in an effective way.

Have a good attitude. What is the first thing you think in the morning? Do you have a tendency to focus on the most dreaded task of the day? If so, it’s no wonder you don’t want to toss the covers aside. To stop this bad habit, before you go to sleep, make a note of the one or two things you are most looking forward to the next day, and place it by your bed. Upon waking, take a look at the note, and try to focus on the positive.

Tech support may work. Want technology on your side? Smartphones can help with the goal of waking successfully. For instance, the app Better Me allows you to set a wake time. If you hit snooze, your error in judgment is posted to your Facebook wall. Other apps like Sleep Cycle can track your movement patterns while you sleep, allowing your alarm to automatically go off during a lighter sleep phase. There are many different options – one app may work better than others for your own needs.

Once you’re out of bed, the trick for you may be to stay alert during the morning and throughout the day. What are some things you can do to get your day off to a good start? Visit our blog next week and find out!

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