Garlic – Nature’s Remedy

Garlic is more than just a pungently fragrant spice. It contains a complex combination of nutrients that is beneficial for your whole body. Hailed for centuries as nature’s remedy for anything that ails you, more recently it has been relegated to the kitchen spice rack among its other herbal counterparts. Today you’re going to take it off your shelf and see all that it can do for you.

Garlic - Nature's Remedy

What makes up this layered bulb? Beneath its outer shield lie neatly compact cloves. These cloves are a rich source of vitamins B6 and C, manganese, as well as a combination of sulfuric compounds (including allicin) that are great for your health.

While garlic comes in many forms, it is noteworthy that, when cooked or made into tablets, it will lose some of its nutritional benefits. It is best to have this herb raw or in powdered capsule form. Here are a few of the benefits that you can hope to reap from this herb.

Strengthens Your Immune System

Inside the garlic clove is a potent mixture of calcium, potassium, and a number of sulfuric compounds. This mixture is a deadly cocktail against bacteria and infections that threaten your immune system. Whether you’re using it to prevent cold and flu symptoms or to get rid of them, this is a great asset to keep in your medicine kit.

Aids in the Treatment of Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid experiences abnormally low activity. Your thyroid gland is the center where thyroid hormones are created. Your body, however, needs iodine that it derives from your diet in order to create these hormones. This is where garlic can come in handy. Garlic is rich in iodine, and may help to kick start your thyroid into producing sufficient hormones for your body.

Helps Your Heart

Garlic is the nemesis of LDL cholesterol and your body’s best friend. Over time aortic plaque can build up in your veins, making it harder to pump blood through your body. Garlic has been shown to reduce this plaque build-up, leading to a healthier heart and good overall circulation.

Clears Up Fungal and Bacterial Infections

This nifty herb has been used for centuries on all kinds of infections. Even during the two world wars, they would use raw garlic to prevent gangrene and heal infections in battle-wounded soldiers. The high allicin content in garlic is the key — a deadly ingredient against infection. Again, raw crushed garlic is the most effective — when cooked, it lessens the potency and effectiveness of the allicin.

Regulates Blood Sugar

If you find yourself worried about your blood sugar and having a hard time regulating it, then maybe garlic would help. Studies have shown that garlic increases the production of insulin and regulates blood sugar levels. If your doctor has been warning you about diabetes, then ask about adding garlic to your medicinal regimen.

While still a great way to spice up any dish, hopefully your eyes have been opened to the wide range of benefits garlic can bring to your health. Talk to your health care professional before taking garlic regularly, as it can interact with other medications. If that’s not a concern, however, start enjoying the many benefits of garlic, nature’s remedy.

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