Look Below the Surface of Dry Skin

natural remedies for dry skin

It’s time for a dry skin intervention. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • After washing and drying your hands, your hands feel prickly and tight.
  • You have a bleeding hangnail at least once a week.
  • After applying lotion to your hands, legs, or arms, your skin still feels dry.
  • You find yourself scratching a dry spot fiercely until your skin hurts or even bleeds.

Though human skin does seem to suffer less from dryness in the summertime, cooler days are coming soon, and it’s a good idea to think ahead and prepare.

Is it possible to get through the coming months without flaky, itchy, uncomfortable skin?

Dr. Sushma Shah, a naturopathic doctor, tells us that though we often blame cold temperatures in the winter for our dry skin, the root cause may be something else entirely. Generally speaking, most of us tend to stay indoors for longer periods in the wintertime, bundled up with a cup of coffee or hot tea in hand.  Although delicious and comforting, coffee and tea have an unfortunate side effect.  The caffeine in both natural diuretics:  beverages that make our bodies lose water. Additionally, people tend to drink less water in the cooler months. Because they aren’t hydrated, the cells in our skin shrink and die, causing wrinkles and flaking.

Here’s a simple solution!  DRINK WATER. The more water we drink, the better our chances of keeping our skin hydrated from the inside out.

What else can make our skin dry?

It could be a lack of fatty acids in our diet. And when we say fat, we’re not talking fried chicken and mashed potatoes. The fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9) we need in our diet come from fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and other sources. If you suspect that you aren’t getting enough fatty acids in your natural diet, it’s a great idea to stop by your neighborhood pharmacy and pick up a supplement. Talk with the pharmacist, who is always ready to help, about what he or she recommends for your particular needs.

Remember, too, that your skin can be nourished both from the inside, via an oral supplement, and the outside, by massaging in a natural oil high in fatty acids. Some suggestions: flaxseed oil, fish oil, or grapeseed oil.

More Serious Options

If you’re dealing with a more serious skin problem, like eczema, psoriasis or ichthyosis, your physician may recommend a clinical course of treatment. Remember that Brian’s Pharmacies carries a wide range of skin care products and skin disorder remedies.

At Brian’s Pharmacies, we truly care about your health – in all ways, large and small.  Stop in soon!  We’re here to help.


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