10 Reasons to Drink More Water

When you’re thirsty, there are many options available to you, from bitter to sweet and from hot to cold. You could choose soda, juice, milk, coffee, tea … the list goes on. When presented with this vast assortment of choices, then, why should you pick water? Most of the time it just seems like soda’s dull cousin, right? Wrong. There are a lot of things that water can do for you.

10 Reasons to Drink More Water

1. Boosts Energy and Relieves Fatigue

You may be familiar with the role that water plays in helping your kidneys do their job, but it is vital to other organs as well. Your brain is made up of about 73% water, and it needs that water to function properly. Drinking more water will help you to think more clearly, to concentrate, and to be more alert. Also, because your head isn’t in a fog, it can improve your energy levels.

2. Promotes Weight Loss

Water might be one of the simplest aids in helping you reach your weight-loss goal. When you drink more water, it helps your body to remove by-products of fat. If you drink a little before a meal, it fills your stomach, helping you to eat less and feel fuller. It also raises your metabolism. If that isn’t enough, it does it all with zero calories.

3. Flushes Out Toxins

The word flush here is appropriate — much like a toilet uses water to flush away waste, your body has a system to eliminate waste products. Your body gets rid of toxins in two primary ways — through sweat and urination. Both of these processes require water. When your body doesn’t get the water that it needs, there’s more risk that these toxins will cause other problems to develop — such as kidney stones or urinary tract infections.

4. Improves Complexion

Water is one of the best anti-aging treatments you will find. Drinking more water moisturizes your skin, helps to get rid of wrinkles, and leaves your skin soft, smooth, and glowing. It’s a beauty secret that won’t cost you anything!

5. Keeps You Regular

Water is essential to your digestive system. It helps in digesting your food and  also prevents constipation.

6. Boosts Immune System

When you drink more water, it helps you to better fight off sickness. It boosts your immune system by oxygenating your blood, flushing out toxins, keeping your mouth clean, and helping your body produce more lymph, which is vital to your immune system.

 7. Relieves and Prevents Headaches

Headaches can be brought on by chronic dehydration. By drinking more water, you rehydrate your cells and balance out your electrolytes.

8. Promotes Joint Health

If you’ve been experiencing joint pain, cramping or frequent sprains, water may help. Water is great for lubricating your joints and reducing inflammation that may cause joint pain.

9. Improves Your Mood

It goes without saying that when you feel better and are relieved of pain and discomfort, your mood is going to improve. Water helps to take care of all those other problems so that you can focus on being healthy and happy.

10. Saves You Money

The great thing about water is that it’s mostly free. Even if you choose filtered or bottled water, it is going to be way cheaper than any other beverage. That’s one of the best parts — why spend money on expensive medication or treatments when many of your woes might be ameliorated if you only drink more water?

Stop agonizing over your choice of beverage. The choice is clear. With all of these fantastic benefits, why not take the plunge into drinking more water? Your body, mind, and wallet will feel better for it.

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