Boost Your Energy Naturally

After a long winter of hibernation and rich food, it can be a challenge to get back into a routine with the vigor and vim that you want. Before the onslaught of busy springtime activity and summer fun, take the time now to boost your energy so you’re ready to truly enjoy yourself.

Energy is a funny thing. A lot like fire, there are different types that serve different purposes. You have your quick-burning fire — light a page of newspaper, and in seconds you’re left with ashes. Then you have your slow-burning fire — lay your wood down methodically , add some fuel, ignite, and you’ll be sitting around that fire all night long. If you think of your energy in terms of these two methods, you obviously would prefer the second. Here’s how you accomplish that long-lasting energy boost.

Boost Your Energy Naturally

Up Your Vitamin B Intake

These are vital to your energy! B vitamins help your body to produce more red blood cells, which are responsible for maintaining your brain, as well as for metabolizing carbohydrates that act as fuel for your brain. In addition, these vitamins are necessary for the production of neurotransmitters, which are responsible for regulating your mood and relaying messages through the brain. If you’ve been feeling a little mentally sluggish lately, add more of these vitamins to your diet.

Leafy greens are a great way to get more B vitamins. These include spinach, kale, chard, and other greens. In addition to being high in B vitamins, they also contain antioxidants and help to detoxify your blood.

Another great source for B vitamins is nuts and seeds. In these you’ll find B1 (directly needed to produce energy), B3 (to detoxify and provide adrenal support) and B6 (shown to be a very effective mood elevator).

Ditch the Sugar

What’s wrong with sugar, you might ask? Yes, it probably gives you an energy boost, but, just like burning newspaper, it’s momentary. Sugar is going to give you a rise in energy directly followed by a crash that leaves you more tired than when you started. When looking for a source of energy, you want something that’s going to give you a consistent boost all day long.

Be aware, too, that there are other foods that will spike your blood sugar levels and leave you with the same effects. Some carbohydrates, especially ones that are all starch, are going to have a bad effect on your energy levels for that very reason. If you’re trying to boost your energy, stay away from starchy foods, such as white potatoes and white bread, and replace them with more whole grains (whole oats, whole wheat, brown rice, etc.). Your body will slowly burn off the whole grains, giving you a steady stream of energy.


While you might think of exercising as a sure-fire way to deplete your energy, in fact, it will give you more. It doesn’t take much, either, to build up your energy. Studies have shown that just a ten minute walk can give you up to two hours of energy. Even starting with a walk around the block before you head off to work might give you the boost you need.

These simple changes can start you down the road to more energy and a happier you. Next thing you know, you won’t even think about reaching for that cup o’ Joe or that energy drink — you won’t need it. You’ll have all the energy you need.

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