4 Essential Foods to Keep You Running

To many, running is a science of discipline and endurance. This science, however, requires using the right materials along with developing the right attitude. There are four main foods discussed here which should address the four key concerns of runners — speed, strength, endurance, and the prevention of soreness. Let’s see what those food are and how they can help you.

4 Essential Foods to Keep Your Running

1. Quinoa: Speed

It is a well-established fact that carbohydrates fuel your run. Your body breaks these carbs down and stores them as glycogen in your muscles for your next long run. The results are in, and they show a direct correlation between a runner’s speed and the amount of carbohydrates he ate. Quinoa packs a particularly hard punch for your running, containing both complex carbs and plant-based protein — with little sugar and no gluten to hold you back.

2. Salmon: Strength

The amount of nutrients in this tasty fish is reason enough to make it part of a runner’s diet. This list includes omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and selenium. Yet salmon contains one other nutrient that should pique your interest — vitamin D. Researchers have discovered that this powerful vitamin may have links to increasing muscular strength, which is a must for running.

3. Coffee: Endurance

Although this amazing bean has been thought to be responsible for dehydration, research now suggests that, when drunk in moderation, coffee can be quite useful to an active athlete. By drinking a cup o’ joe approximately 60 minutes before a run, you can delay muscle fatigue.

Coffee has two effects on the body. One, it increases the concentration of hormone-like substances in the brain called B-endorphins, which reduce the sensation of pain and produce a feeling of well-being. Second, it has been found to block adenosine receptors in fat cells, meaning there are more free fatty acids in the blood stream, which can be burned during rigorous exercise.

4. Cherry Juice: Soreness Prevention

Nothing ruins a good run like the hangover-like sore muscles that follow. Running is great exercise, and your body should feel heartily rewarded, not sorely punished. How can you avoid this chronic runner’s problem? Cherry juice can prevent this from ruining your run. The nutrients contained in tart cherries have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the body after a run.

Try these foods for your next run, and see an improvement. Now, armed with the right materials, your running can really take off, and you with it.

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