Get Touchy-Feely With Housecleaning

cleaning is important for those with compromised immunityWe are all leading busy lives, so the idea of doing a thorough house cleaning every week is often impossible. But for those of us with young children or family members with health situations that bring about compromised immunity (such as COPD, HIV, cancer), it’s important to focus on reducing the presence of germs in our homes.

The fact is, there are a lot of surfaces in our homes that don’t harbor a lot of germs, and there are surfaces that tend to be a virtual breeding ground for them. Our focus, then, is to pay close attention to the areas that can harbor and spread disease-causing bacteria and germs.

For convenience sake, it’s nice to have a tub of disinfectant wipes in the home; perhaps in both the kitchen and bathroom. However, a great way to save expenses is to purchase a reusable spray bottle, and make a 9 to 1 solution of water and chlorine bleach.

Three Easy Steps for Fewer Germs in Your Home

1.  Things your family touches:

When you go through your home on any given day, what do you always touch? These are the surfaces that harbor the most germs. We’re talking about light switches, doorknobs, edges of doors, drawer handles, remote controls, keyboards, and telephones.

2.  Kitchen areas:

Kitchen counter tops often don’t get cleaned thoroughly during food preparation, so it’s a great idea to disinfect them weekly. While you’re there, swipe the kitchen faucet and sprayer, surfaces on commonly used appliances, and the range knobs and door handle.

3.  Bathroom areas:

To reduce the spread of germ-infested toilet water, make a habit of putting the lid down on the toilet before flushing, and keep toothbrushes covered or put away. Wipe down sink handles and surfaces, shower handles, light switch, and the ever popular toilet flush lever.

We care very much about your health!  This simple routine will take 5-10 minutes and can cut down the spread of infection to those whose health matters most to you.

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