Get the Refill Phone App

Brian’s Pharmacies now makes it easy to order refills. You can get the iRefill app on your iphone,  Android or Blackberry phone.


IRefill TeleManager

iRefill is a TeleManager mobile IVR solution that allows a pharmacy’s patients to place refill requests from any mobile device, providing them with the highest level of customer service. This application has been approved by Apple, Inc. and Android. It can be downloaded from their respective App/Market Stores for free. Patients can make refill requests on their mobile device and obtain a real-time status of their prescription refill. Refill requests are sent directly to Brian’s Pharmacies refill queue.

iRefill for IPhone Users:

To be downloaded from the Apple store.


iRefill for Android Users:

To be downloaded from the Marketplace on your Android Device.



iRefill for Blackberry Users:

To be downloaded from the Blackberry App World on your Blackberry Device.