5 Calming Herbs That Promote Sleep and Relaxation

5 Calming Herbs That Promote Sleep and Relaxation

No matter how much you try or how tired you are, once your head hits that pillow, sleep eludes you. Does this sound familiar? For many, this is a regular occurrence. If you want to sleep but don’t want to use harsh prescription medications, then you may want a more natural approach. We’ve gathered the […]

3 Blood Tests Everyone Should Request

3 Blood Tests Everyone Should Request

Your doctor’s office has become an all-too-familiar scene — the sterilized room with an aroma of disinfectant wafting through the air. This scene can become especially frustrating if, even after a string of visits, your doctor still can’t find anything wrong. Your doctor has probably already been ordering the basic tests. But what if these […]

Childhood Vaccines – 5 Questions Answered

Childhood Vaccines - 5 Questions Answered

As a parent, you’re entrusted with the safety and well-being of your children, and you make decisions on a daily basis to ensure their safety and happiness. In recent years, as the controversy has raged on about childhood vaccines, you find yourself caught in the middle with many questions. Five of the most common questions […]

Secrets for More Energy Every Day

How to be a morning person! Easy ways to have more energy.

Even if you’re sleeping fairly well, and can get out of bed without much of an internal fight, do you find yourself dragging throughout the day? Would you like to know some simple ways you can have more energy throughout the morning? We’re here to help. Helping You Help Yourself On a very practical level, […]

Children’s Medicines: Know Your Dose

Prevent Poison Control Calls... Dose your kids' medicine right.

Your son is growing so fast, and complains occasionally of muscle aches in his legs.  You want to give him a dose of acetaminophen, but all you have is liquid, and you can’t find a dosage cup.  With 15 other things on your mind, you make a quick decision and grab a teaspoon from the […]

How Well Do You Know Your Drug Facts?

Understanding what the Drug Facts Label means

When you pick up the latest over-the-counter medication your family needs, do you take the time to examine the Drug Facts label on the back, or do you simply grab the bottle and go?  The National Council of Patient Information and Education wants each consumer to know exactly what he or she is taking, and […]

Battle Prescription Drug Addiction With Support

RX Drug Addiction: You Have Options.

There are very few things in life that we can say, “I succeeded the first time I tried!”  From walking, riding a bike, learning geometry, to ditching bad habits: success takes LOTS of effort and persistence. So what is a person to do who is battling prescription drug addiction?  If you’re looking for treatment options […]

Need to Quit? How to Improve Your Chances of Success

A Great Trick to Quit Smoking for Good

Have you tried to quit smoking and have not had success?  You’re not alone.  At Brian’s Pharmacy, we see people every day who are trying to kick the cigarette habit, and we’re so happy that they’re setting healthy goals for the future.  But quitting can be very hard! We want to see you succeed.  We’re […]

Dry Eyes? It May Not Be Dry Eye Disease

A surprising cause of Chronic Dry Eyes

Are your eyes dry and itchy? Do you walk around all day with eye drops in hand? Maybe you think there is a more serious problem. Research in the past has indicated that up to 5 million people in the US suffer from dry eye disease. Are you one of them? Perhaps not. If you […]

Truvada and PrEP: The HIV Controversy

Truvada: It works, but doctors don't want to prescribe it.

Have you ever heard of the HIV preventative drug Truvada? Many people haven’t. The reasons why may surprise you and are are the heart of a growing controversy in the medical field. First things first: If you haven’t heard of Truvada, let’s fill you in. It is a combination of the drugs emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil […]